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  • SAW Filter&Duplexer For Mobile Phone&GPS

  • SAW Filter For 4G/5G Telecommunication

  • IF SAW Filter For Base Station

  • Front-end SAW Filter For Car Alarm,Remote Control

  • S1612L SMD Type Crystal

  • AS1612A SMD Type Crystal

  • AS3225A SMD Type Crystal For Automobile Indutry

  • SM146 Tuning Fork Crystal

  • TC2016S SMD TCXO Clipped Sine Wave

  • VC5032C SMD VCXO CMOS Output

  • 49T Crystal Filter

  • LTCC Serial Part Number Guide

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  • Design House in North America:A

    Company A is a solution company specializing in the design and development of wireless communication products. In the development of new products, they need several filters of different frequencies and specifications like 160Mhz, 484Mhz, 460Mhz, 855Mhz,

  • Wireless product Europe brand B

    Company B is an Europe brand manufacturer of wireless products. It has branches worldwide, its R&D centers are in the US and Europe, and production subcontractors in China and East Asia. The SMD quartz crystal unit and filter are used in a product devel

  • Europe components distributor C

    Company C is a distributor of electronic components in Germany. It mainly distributes electronic components of Japanese and German brands, and its main markets are located in Germany and other European regions. After extensive market research and deep un

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